Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Spoil Your husband (sometimes)

One time I decided to apply one of the ideas I read from the book "How to spoil your Husband" given to us by friends. Chris got his version of "how To Spoil Your Wife" too. This idea is secretly slipping money to your husband's wallet.

Since our marriage, my CEO (my husband) has appointed me to be the Chief Financial Officer of our family. So every payday he dutifully gives his hard earned salary to me (against my wishes, believe me!). But being the obedient wife, I have no recourse but to accept it :)

So one night (a few weeks after payday), while he was washing the dishes (maybe that's one of the ideas in "How to Spoil your Wife) I looked at his wallet. I assume it was the Holy Spirit that prompted me to do so (I don't usually do this,believe me!). And there I found out that my generous husband has a mere 150 pesos in his wallet. That's a Sunday and did he mean to live with 150 pesos for the next five days?!

So remembering the idea in the book, I secretly slipped a 500 peso bill in his wallet.

The next day, I deliciously anticipated the time when he's going to discover it. He texted me midmorning and asked me why he has 500 pesos in his wallet, did Santa Claus suddenly appear in Chinese New Year? I just texted him with a smiley icon.

When I did this for my husband, I had no idea that it would fill my heart with warmth.

And stomach somersaults. Believe me.

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